Jacob C

I like going to Dr. Steinborn because she is very competent and capable. I am glad to go because I know my teeth are in good hands. Dr. Steinborn is very honest, if there is a problem she tells me. She treats me like an adult and listens to my concerns. She is the best dentist I have ever had.

Kathryn M

When I walk away from Dr. Steinborn's office, I feel I've received more than just a teeth cleaning and "regular checkup." If something I'm eating or drinking is causing a dental problem, it's usually not just what I'm eating or drinking, but when, how often and why I'm eating or drinking it. The advice I hear for changing the problem applies not just to my dental health, but to a whole healthy lifestyle picture. I walk away with clean, polished teeth and a healthy dose of holistic, healthy-lifestyle coaching.

Dear Dr. Steinborn: Thank you for my newly bonded front tooth; it feels and looks great. I appreciate your skills!!

Manny C

I had all kinds of problems with my gums ... swelling, redness, pain. My dentist sent me to a periodontist who said my only option was surgery. My father-in-law (a retired dentist) suggested I visit Dr. Steinborn. She and Dr. Bartlett put me on a periodontal program with antibacterial treatments that helped save my teeth without surgery. Since then, my gums have been healthy, bone loss has stopped, and I've never had soreness again. Dr. Steinborn is the greatest.

Penny P

I wanted a nicer looking smile & considered getting expensive veneers. Together, Dr. Steinborn & I came up with a better way to achieve the exact results I wanted: a course of Invisalign and some bleach and my smile is exactly how I dreamed it ~ Thank you Dr. Steinborn! Dr. Steinborn has been my family's dentist for over 15 years and there is no other dentist we will trust with our dental care or our SMILE. She is a true professional and her wonderful caring staff always takes good care of us!

Susan S

As a patient myself, I appreciate these values. As a daughter, I saw my elderly father thrive in her care. I always accompanied him to his appointments — and saw how Dr. Steinborn related to him. She respected his dignity - and treated him with exceptional kindness. She brought out the best in him. And for his part, he genuinely enjoyed his time with Dr. Steinborn. Dad looked forward to his appointments — and always left in a good mood.

Shawanda A

Dr. Steinborn has been our family dentist since she first began her practice. Over many years, we have seen her embrace all the new technology, even as she maintained the virtues of an old fashioned family practice.