Sealants prevent decay in the grooves and pits of molar chewing surfaces. These grooves allow bacteria to cause damage in children's teeth as they erupt into the mouth. Millions of children and young adults are cavity free due to having a clear or white resin bonded into the grooves to prevent bacterial infection. Occasionally, sealants are recommended in adults as well.

Diet Counseling for Decay Reduction:

Most people are aware that eating candy or drinking soda can cause decay. Many people do not realize that eating any carbohydrate or sugar -even healthy foods such as fruit - can be a problem if consumed numerous times per day.

Acid in drinks can be very damaging. Citric acid is in most bottled drinks as a flavoring and preservative and can severely damage the teeth, even when sugar free. We help patients discover what may be in their diet that could be causing decay and suggest tooth friendlier alternatives.

Antibacterial mouthwash.

Germs that cause gums disease and decay can be very stubborn. Some people seem to have strains of bacteria that are more destructive. We prescribe certain antimicrobial rinses to help these individuals. Chlorhexidine, brushed into the gums lines is an example of this therapy.

Fluoride Varnishes.

Fluoride varnishes are applied in the dental office to root surfaces and edges of crowns when patients are at high risk of decay.