Meet Dr. Steinborn

Cathrine Steinborn, DDS

For me, dentistry is a career, a tradition and an extended family. As a dentist, I help people make changes for better oral health. In fact, what I enjoy most about dentistry is empowering people with knowledge and skills to take charge of their smile!

Using implants, tooth-colored restorations or minimally invasive dental techniques to allow my patients to feel, function or look better is a great joy. It also really puts a smile on my face when my patients learn for the first time in their lives that they don’t have new cavities every time they visit the dentist thanks to our CAMBRA cavity risk reduction program.

I am passionate about taking a partnership approach with patients to achieve optimum oral health. I feel fortunate to have met and worked with so many wonderful people during my 30 years as a dentist in Santa Clara. My patients, colleagues and staff are interesting, motivating people who enrich my life.

My Education

I earned my dental degree from University of the Pacific in San Francisco in 1985 after which I spent a year treating Army Veterans at the VA in San Francisco during a General Practice Residency.

At that point, I realized it was also important for me to learn how to treat elderly and medically complex patients because, as we age, it becomes more complicated to care for our teeth. Fortunately, thanks to innovations such as dental implants, getting older does not have to mean getting dentures.

I am committed to continually furthering my education. I have completed many hours of continuing education including intensive study programs in bonded tooth-colored restorations, implant dentistry, Pankey Institute occlusion programs and participation in the Tucker Gold Study Club.

Dugoni and UCSF Schools of Dentistry

Teaching on a part time basis at Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco is fun and very rewarding. I love working with the dental students as they prepare for this wonderful profession. I share my technical knowledge and experience as well as encourage compassion and caring towards all.

I participate with UCSF with other Bay Area dental offices in a community-based research project demonstrating that the CAMBRA method helps patients reduce their cavity risk. Learn more about the CAMBRA method by clicking here.

Professional Memberships


When I am not at the office, I love traveling to the east coast to see my grown children. I also enjoy crafts, knitting scarves for family and friends, gardening, raising chickens for the best organic eggs and experimenting with vegetarian and vegan recipes.